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Energy Medicine and Celgenics

February 25, 2010

I thought it would be helpful if I explained the energy aspect of Celgenics creams.

Celgenics – Skin For The Future – is skin care for the 21st century.

The underlying theory is based on the fact that every cell in the body vibrates at a particular frequency and emits energy. The fact that our cells and organs give out energy is not new. At the turn of 19th/20th century, a Dutch doctor, Dr Einthoven, received a Nobel Prize for the discovery that various illnesses vibrate at different frequencies and that heart electricity could be measured. This discovery ultimately led to modern day electrocardiograms measuring the electrical output of the heart and detecting disturbances of heart rate, rhythm and electrical conduction. Dr. Mae Wan-Ho has stated that the heart’s electrical activity is fifty times greater than that of the brain. Another example of measuring energy from the body is thermographic imaging techniques, which map patterns of light and heat emitted by cells, tissues, organs and the whole body.

In the same way that the body is a complex system of vibrating energy which creates an energy field, so too does informational [vibrational] energy medicine have an energy field. The principle of combining the two is based on the idea of resonant frequencies, similar to a tuned string on a musical instrument resonating with anything tuned to the same frequency. James Oschman in his book “Energy Medicine. The Scientific Basis” has stated that all life depends upon molecules interacting through vibrating energy fields and it is on this basis that Celgenics skincare has been developed.

Both disease and the ageing process alter the vibratory resonance of cells, tissues, organs and indeed, your skin. Celgenics skin care provides the vibrational information that your body can use to improve the vibratory resonance and help skin repair and rejuvenation. The vibrational energy is carried by the cream into your skin; dermal absorption has been well established with the use of hormone and nicotine patches prescribed by doctors.

Celgenics – Skin for the Future – works with the fact that we are vibrational, energetic beings that can respond to the vibrational information from energy medicine.

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