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The Story Behind Celgenics

March 30, 2010

Celgenics: Skin for the Future – has been a voyage from complementary health care to 21st century skin care.

The background

Most of my work as a Nutritional therapist, Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral practitioner has been helping people on their journey back to health by finding the reason for their illness.

Over a number of years I have discovered time and again that many problems of ill health relate to toxicity:

  • from the thousands of chemicals and toxic substances we are surrounded by
  • from exposure to toxic metals including amalgam fillings
  • from internal toxicity created by the presence of parasites and other gut pathogens

Many of my patients suffered from ailments caused by breathing in pesticides or herbicides after farmers had sprayed farmland; others would get ill washing their hair with shampoo containing sodium laurel sulfates; for others it would be a trip to a high street chemist or a department store where they would be overwhelmed by the smell of all the perfumes; others were affected by the out-gassing from new paint, new carpets and curtains which contain a myriad of anti fungal agents and preservatives. Patients who had had amalgam fillings for many years frequently had symptoms of ME and would describe themselves as being chemically sensitive.

95% of these patients were unable to wear ‘normal’ cosmetics or use traditional skin care products. Their skin would become itchy, red or blotchy and often they would feel nauseous. Most of them described their skin as being super-sensitive.

The light bulb moment

I started by making up creams specifically suited to their skin type and problems using the appropriate oils and active ingredients and, very importantly, without the use of any Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfates or chemicals. I also used Spring water rather than distilled water. The creams were a great success, with many people being able to use a moisturiser for the first time ever!

Preparing these individual creams for people was how the Celgenics journey began. From there I started incorporating the natural vibrational energy from homeopathic remedies, flower essences and crystals into my creams and realised that skin care which everyone could use should be available.

The journey continues to help more people

Now, I passionately want to expand what I’m doing in my practice and reach more people who struggle to find skin care they feel happy to use and who want a product that makes a difference. This is skin care which is free of toxic chemicals and has the additional advantage of working with the electromagnetic field of the body through the energetic use of vibrational remedies to help skin rejuvenate and repair.

Looking at ‘Common’ Skincare tips

February 2, 2010

When you read any popular beauty magazine they boast some ‘common’ tips for gaining healthy looking skin like drink water, don’t eat chocolate, don’t touch your face too often, sleep well. Yes these factors do contribute to the health and appearance of your skin, however there is an important factor that many of these articles overlook.

What are you putting on your skin? There is more light being shed on this important topic and increasingly more people are turning to natural products. The bottom line is- all the toxic chemicals in cosmetics can damage your skin and are absorbed into the body. So you might be having great sleep and drinking lots of water but your skin could still be being damaged by harmful chemicals in the products you put on your skin day in and day out.

Opt for natural and organic products always. Our skincare is personal, pure, free of chemicals and utilises the healing and regenerating properties of vibrational energy medicine.

We each age in a different way and how we feel on an emotional level is often reflected in the health of our skin.

Like D.H Lawrence writes in his poem ‘Healing’…

I am not a mechanism,
an assembly of various sections.
And it is not because the mechanism
is working wrongly that I am ill.
I am ill because of wounds to the
Soul, to the deep emotional self…